Fortress Lad was a rejected Legionnaire applicant, he had the power to transform his body into a fortress like structure.

Mnemonic Kid, also rejected by the Legionnaires, decided to take revenge on the heroes by destroying their memories of having superpowers. She attempted to enlist Fortress Lad's help assuming he wanted revenge on the Legionnaires too, but instead he was shocked by her malice and refused. When Mnemonic Kid tried to shoot the Legionnaires, Fortress Lad jumped in front of them, activated his powers, and surrounded them with his massive frame. Mnemonic Kid kept up her assault on the Legionnaires inside with some success, but Fortress Lad shielded them from the worst of it. Unfortunately in doing so, he lost all of his memories and forgot that he was not actually an inanimate, steel structure. Mnemonic Kid perished when she attempted to kill the Legionnaires with a grenade, but caught the brunt of the explosion herself. Sadly, Mnemonic Kid succeeded in removing some of the Legion's memories including them ever meeting Fortress Lad, who ironically became the Legion's first headquarters.



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