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Flashpoint was a member of Stormwatch Prime.


Foster McClane was born in South-Central Australia, a hard country that bred hard men. He grew up strong, arrogant, racist, and sexist in a society that not only accepted such attitudes, but prized them. Being recruited into Stormwatch meant having to work with men and women from all over the world on a more less equal level, which required some attitude adjustments that were hard for Foster to make.


As Flashpoint, he was in the running for leadership of Stormwatch Prime, but his hot-headedness got in the way of his ambition and the position fell to the more level-headed Battalion. Flashpoint, along with teammates Nautika and Sunburst, was believed dead by Skywatch after a disastrous mission in Kuwait. It was then believed that he was held captive by Deathtrap in his penthouse fortress in Gammora. It was reveled some time later that Flashpoint was in fact working with Deathtrap and that he was never captured, unlike his two teammates who were induced to programming at the hands of Defile.


While in Gammora during Fire from Heaven, Flashpoint reveled his true colors and attacked Battalion, who he claimed used his psionic powers to make himself leader. Choking Battalion and preparing to kill him, Flashpoint gave Battalion no choice but to kill him first.


  • Unique Physiology: Foster was born a Seedling, as such he adapted his powers from a comet that hit the earth before he was born.
    • Energy Projection: Foster can project powerful optic energy beams. He can control the speed and intensity of his blasts, as well as the direction, making him able to blast around corners or people and in tight spots where conventional weapons might prove useless.