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The Four Horsemen are biogenetically created entities created by Chang Tzu's Science Squad.


Also known as the The Four Ages of Apokolips in its Anguished Bloody Morning, their coming was foretold in Book 10, chapter 7 (The Revelation of Apokolips) of the Bible of Crime. They are Yurrd the Unknown, Rogga of the Seven Atrocities, Zorrm the Desolate, and Azraeuz the Silent King, representing famine, war, pestilence, and death, respectively.[1]

Approximately eight months after the Infinite Crisis, the Four Horseman laid waste to the sovereign nation of Kahndaq. They engaged Kahndaq's defenders, Black Adam, Isis and Osiris, and succeeded in killing the latter two.[2] Black Adam fought and destroyed three of the Horsemen in Kahndaq, then followed the avatar of Death to the nation of Bialya for a final showdown. The battle was immense, but ultimately Black Adam proved victorious and he killed the last of the Four Horsemen.[3]


However, the Four Horsemens' souls were not destroyed with their bodies. Instead, Yurrd, Rogga, and Zorrm's spirits rejoined Azraeuz's spirit in Bialya, which had been devastated by Black Adam and empowering them. Once each had taken over a human host, Azraeus used his power of corpse reanimation to build a work force that built the Four Horsemen new bodies which could contain their forms. Their rebirth was accidentally accelerated by the Justice League of America, whom threw a chunk of ice at the mound they were based in, igniting the firepit and rebirthing the Four Horsemen. In the case of Yurrd, his new body resembles a humanoid hyena with cybernetic parts.[4]

Azraeuz dispatched Rogga to destroy Oolong Island, where Veronica Cale was overseeing efforts to return the Horsemen to their dimension of origin. Yurrd and Zorrm were in turn dispatched to deal with the Justice Leaguers Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The three were able to defeat the Horsemen save Azraeuz, but were in turn possessed by them. Fortunately, Cale swallowed a crystal intended to contain the Horsemen, removing the Horsemen from their host bodies and trapping them for the time being.[5]

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