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The Fourth Reich is a neo-Nazi organization dreaming of bringing about a new Nazi rule in the United States. Led by Captain Nazi, they are opposed by the Justice Society of America.


The Fourth Reich, consisting of prominent Nazi-ideological villains such as Captain Nazi, was formed by Vandal Savage. The group's mission was to kill the descendants of various patriotic American superheroes. They struck hard, killing the Westons, the Thompsons, the Heywoods, and the then-current General Glory.[1][2][3] However, they were ultimately stopped by the Justice Society.[4]

More recently, the Fourth Reich returned with new additional members, using Obsidian to create a weapon called the Darkness Engine which negates every metahumans' (including for the Fourth Reich's own) superpowers.[5] With this, the Fourth Reich and anyone sympathetic (or sycophantic) and supporting their cause nearly conquer the world within twenty years.[6] By this time the establish Nazi Fourth Reich was rule by Jeremy Karne (as Führer), who was responsible for imprisoning Obsidian. However, Mr. Terrific led a revolt against the Nazi in order for him to get to the Darkness Engine and shut it down. However, he instead decided to make a call to his past self and intervene The Fourth Reich's plan from the beginning.[7] With this Mr. Terrific freed Obsidian, the Fourth Reich's horrific plot foiled and were then easily defeated by the JSA once again. The Fourth were put into prison, awaiting trial.[8]


  • Despite being called the "Fourth Reich", a fourth German Empire was never established.

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