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Françoise Yip (b. September 4, 1972) portrayed Doctor Lia Tang on the series Smallville and the Priestess on the series Arrow.

Pictured: Françoise Yip as The Priestess from the Arrow episode "The Fallen"

Work History

Acting Credits

Smallville 2001-2011 Lia Tang
     "Phoenix" October 8, 2003 Doctor Lia Tang
     "Velocity" February 11, 2004 Doctor Lia Tang
     "Obsession" February 18, 2004 Doctor Lia Tang
     "Resurrection" February 25, 2004 Doctor Lia Tang
     "Crisis" March 6, 2004 Doctor Lia Tang
Arrow 2012-2020 The Priestess
     "The Fallen" April 22, 2015 The Priestess
     "This Is Your Sword" May 6, 2015 The Priestess
iZombie 2015-2019 Meg Nevins
     "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1" June 20, 2017 Meg Nevins

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