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Frankie Charles was the roommate of Barbara Gordon during her time in Burnside.

Francine was a friend of Barbara Gordon during her time in physiotherapy; Barbara moved into Francine's house in Burnside. Almost immediately they were confronted with a spree of petty thefts by Riot Black, an online extortionist.[1]

Working for the company Hooq allowed Francine an inner look at the dating site. When the Hooq coding became sentient[2] Francine went to fix it but was trapped by the code and Barbara's secret, that she was Batgirl, was revealed. Francine soon became a beneficial ally for Barbara; providing data, analysis, information and companionship while Barbara fought crime.


Other Characteristics

  • Restricted Mobility: Frankie suffers from weakened muscles and at times must resort to using crutches when walking around.