Francine Langstrom and her husband Kirk met in medical school and, together, would publish a revolutionary research paper on curing certain human illnesses with the help of gene splicing from animals. They married after graduating and began to work on a special project using DNA from a vampire bat in hopes of curing Kirk's worsening deafness.

After difficulties with funding, the pair succeeded, sort of, in creating their serum, and Kirk volunteered as the product's first test dummy. Injecting himself, Kirk became a hideous Man-Bat hybrid and went completely feral, seemingly killing Francine in his animal state.

However, despite Batman's detective vision suggesting she was dead, Batman can later discover Francine's final resting place empty and a note in blood on a shattered mirror. With Kirk having been detained and sent to GCPD by Batman earlier in the night, Francine possibly survived her encounter with her husband and transformed into a Man-Bat herself. [1]





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