Francis "Chas" Chandler is John Constantine's "oldest" friend.[1]

A cab driver from New York City, he was previously married to Renee, with whom he has a daughter, Geraldine.

Chas' life changed considerably after a tragic fire at a night club. Constantine, hoping to give his drunk friend some road safety, cast a safety spell (which he believed to be fake) on his friend. However, shortly after Constantine left, a fire broke out during the performance of Lillian Axe. Chas did his best to help multiple people to safety, but was caught when the roof collapsed. He was pulled from the rubble, dead.

However, he woke up in the hospital the next day, completely healed. As it turned out, John's spell actually worked, infusing Chas with the souls of the 47 people who died in the fire. Chas felt like it wa his burden to put the souls to an admirable use, however, this distanced him from his family, leading to a divorce.[2]

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  • Resurrection: Chas was ensorcelled with an old Arthurian spell that would absorb the souls of lesser fallen knights into the body of a dying Table Knight, allowing him to live. In Chas' case, he absorbed the souls of the 47 fire victims, allowing him to die 48 times. He has died 18 times already.[2]



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