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Quote1.png Try anything like this again and your nightmare will come true. I will bring you back from the dead if I have to and make you into something the world has never seen. Quote2.png
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Doctor Francis Dulmacher is the mastermind behind a human trafficking ring in Gotham City.

Dulmacher's underlings, led by Patti and Doug, attracted the attention of the public when they began kidnapping homeless children from the streets. As a result, Mayor Aubrey James announced plans to gather children off the streets and ship them to homes and juvenile detention. However, a bus full of the children are kidnapped by Patti and Doug. Upon attempting to ship the children overseas, they are stopped and arrested by Detectives James Gordon and Harvey Bullock.[1]

When Fish Mooney attempted to flee the city from Carmine Falcone, she was abducted by mercenaries working under Dulmacher's employ.[2] After waking up in the basement of Dulmacher's facility among other kidnapping victims, Mooney soon observes that Dulmacher's henchmen are taking the victims from the basement one by one. Mooney rallies the other victims and promises that if they follow her orders, she can escape with some of them alive. When the henchmen return to the basement for another one of the victims, Mooney attempts to blackmail them to take her to the man who runs the facility.[3] Instead they take her to Dulmacher's office manager, who informs her that they are trafficking human beings for the purposes of their organ trade business and for Dulmacher's surgical experiments. The manager informs Mooney of his orders to remove and sell her organs, starting with her eyes. Mooney retaliates by ripping out her left eye and smashing it.[4]

Impressed with Mooney, Dulmacher agrees to meet her. He provides her with a new eye, as she informs him of her experience as a crime lord and offers him her services as his second in command. Infuriated with his office manager, Dulmacher makes an example of him by surgically replacing his body parts with that of a female's. After showing the results to Mooney, Dulmacher agrees to Mooney's offer on the condition that she ends the rebellious behaviour of the victims in the basement.[5]

Mooney discovers that the facility is located on a remote island, but also discovers a helicopter just outside the facility. Mooney steals the keys to the helicopter from Dulmacher's office and begins heading back to the basement to free the remaining victims. However, Dulmacher learns of Mooney's plans and stops her in front of the basement. Dulmacher threatens to use her for his experiments as punishment but Mooney releases the victims from the basement before he can act on that threat. The kidnapping victims beat Dulmacher severely but are forced to leave before they can kill him, as other henchmen have discovered that the victims are loose. Mooney and the victims are able to narrowly escape.[6]


  • Medical Science: Francis Dulmacher is a trained medical doctor who has the ability to perform surgeries. He also claims to have the ability to resurrect the dead.[5][6]

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the television series Gotham and is an adaptation of Barton Mathis. The original character was created by Tony S. Daniel and first appeared in Detective Comics (Volume 2) #1.
  • Francis Dulmacher is portrayed by Colm Feore.
  • Francis Dulmacher was first mentioned in the Gotham episode Selina Kyle.
  • Francis Dulmacher is based on the character Barton Mathis from the comic books, who watched his murderous father get gunned down by James Gordon as a child. However, it has been hinted at on the DC Comics website that Dulmacher could be developed on Gotham as the father of Mathis.[7]