Francis "F-Stop" Stone, later known as Hotstreak, was the bully and later enemy of Static (Virgil Hawkins).

Hotstreak was the leader of one of the gangs at the Dakota docks when the Big Bang occurred, and together with Ebon is one of Static's arch-enemies. Hotstreak's status as one of Static's early enemies began before the Big Bang. Francis Stone, also known as F-Stop, viciously bullied Virgil Hawkins, leading to his brief involvement with a rival gang.

After the Big Bang, Hotstreak was arrested and then taken to the hospital. He escaped from the hospital shortly thereafter in a fiery scene, and took off to take advantage of his new powers.

When Dr. Todd's Bang Baby cure was threatening to remove their powers, Hotstreak teamed up with Ebon to steal the last of the Bang Baby gas.

Ebon and Hotstreak fought over the final vial of gas and became merged into one giant Bang Baby—throwing shadows and fire all over Dakota's docks. With Static and Gear being the only two remaining Bang Babies, they were able to take down Ebon and Hotstreak—but whether they're still lurking somewhere in Dakota's waters is unknown.


  • Pyrokinesis: After his exposure to the Quantum Vapor, Francis Stone became a pyrokinetic: he gained the ability to create and project fire from his body.
    • Energy Absorption: He could absorb a seemingly infinite amount of fire into his body.
    • Flight: By projecting a stream of fire behind him, boosting his jumps, Hotstreak could also fly short distances.




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