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Francisco Gracia is a student at Gotham University and son of real estate mogul and humanitarian, Stefano Gracia.

He is friends with fellow students, Jordanna Spence and Stephanie Brown, and is unwittingly a source of tension between Stephanie and Jordanna as they both have strong feelings for him.[1]

After his father's construction -- the Gracia Global Housing Development in Devil's Square, Gotham City -- was the scene of arson, Francisco went to King's Gotham Cafe by himself. During her investigation of the arson, Batgirl overheard Francisco's phone conversation with his father, saying that he couldn't keep doing this to his family. Changing into her civilian identity, Stephanie continued her investigation. Francisco tried to warn her off, but was cut off by thugs in a van who arrived to kidnap him. Stephanie attempted to foil his kidnapping, but suffered a minor gunshot wound to the head. [2]

Jordanna was very worried for Francisco when he was kidnapped, and assisted Batgirl and Robin in helping to locate him. She revealed that Francisco's father had a problem with gambling and gets in too deep with the shady stuff. As it turns out, Stefano staged his own son's kidnapping to pay off his debt to Roulette using Francisco as bait to lure Batman into a trap. Waiting for Batman were the villains Riot, Doctor Phosphorus, and Roxy Rocket. Francisco confronted his father at the shell of the development, telling him he was done with it. [3]

Batgirl and Robin teamed up to rescue Batman, and together, the three of them put a stop to the machinations of Roulette and her team of villains. Francisco texted Stephanie to check on her after she was shot in the head. He was reunited with Jordanna and his boyfriend, saying that he was now his own man. [4]

During their second semester at Gotham U, Francisco, Jordanna, and Stephanie formed a study group. They were studying together when Newton Flitwick was attacked and killed by the Order of the Scythe. [5] He was checking on Stephanie, now sporting an injured shoulder, when the two of them ran into Jordanna leading a protest against Batgirl on campus. [6]

On Valentine's day, Francisco was on an outing with his boyfriend, Jordanna, and some friends when the group ran into Stephanie and Klarion. Jordanna teased Stephanie for her geek love and Francisco's boyfriend wished them a good night before the two groups went their separate ways. [7]

  • Francisco is a member of the LGBTQ community, but his sexuality is never stated outright. He is only ever shown sharing a romance with one male partner, thus the assumption is that he is homosexual.