Quote1.png Francisco Ramirez had lost his parents in a car accident, and was being raised by his brother Juan. A hero cop, Juan was responsible for bringing in Boris Koscov, the son of Vasily Koscov who was the reputed head of the Odessa Mob. Boris was to testify this month. But Ramirez was the victim of a drive-by shooting. Boris Koscov has since been released and has moved out of Gotham. With the law having failed him, how does a kid like Francisco survive? Is it safer to just run away? Quote2.png
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Francisco Ramirez was an orphaned Gotham kid with a strong sense of right and wrong.

He was coaxed into following "Batman" back to his base after rescuing a woman from some muggers. Once he arrived he was dropped down into a pit with "Batman"'s other soldiers and attacked by them to see if he passed the test to enter, although he had not actually expressed an interest in joining. He was able to fight off most of his successive Venom fulled attackers until Lance Heart whacked him in the head from behind with a staff and then kept beating on him until he was called off by "Batman". Francisco was subsequently placed in a room with Troy Hubbs-King who forcibly drugged an unwilling Francisco with a Venom mixture before they set out with "Batman"'s soldiers.

Francisco was horrified by his own and the others' behavior on their outing during which Monica Brennan murdered a homeless man but had not yet realized the Batman he was now following was not a good guy. Upon learning that he had sided with the bad guys the following day Francisco returned to the base to attack "Batman" after watching most of the other children who'd been made into "soldiers" die in a shootout. He was subsequently placed in a home by the Wayne Foundation after the real Batman and Robin arrived and captured the fake he'd been tricked by.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced) Francisco was able to fight off numerous Venom using teenagers with weapons shortly after Nigaff abducted him while he himself had no such enhancement or the aid of a weapon. [1]
  • Multilingualism: Francisco speaks English and Spanish.[1]



  • Baseball Bat



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