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Quote1 Speak to me like that again. And I will shatter your entire nervous system, without breaking a sweat. Quote2
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Reverb was one of Zoom's enforcers on Earth-2, where unlike his Earth-1 counterpart, had better control over his powers.

Upon Barry, Cisco, and Harry entering Earth-2, Reverb instantly knew, then notified Killer Frost and Deathstorm. The two elemental themed villains quickly bested The Flash in combat, where Reverb presented himself to Vibe. It's here, Reverb tried to, as Cisco worded it, "Cloud City Vader" him, and coerce him into becoming a god. Zoom however, killed Deathstorm, angered at the condition Barry was in. Infuriated at his disobedience, Zoom also killed Reverb.

In an alternate timeline created by Doctor Destiny, Earth-1 Cisco became a version of this character.




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