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Mr. Ramon was a crime lord of Central City in an altered reality. Ramon somehow gained metahuman powers but failed to discover them until the Trigger Twins's arrival.

After John Deegan altered the reality to become its Superman, Cisco Ramon's life was totally changed as he became an undeground boss of Central City known among the criminals as Mr. Ramon. He was backed up by various partners, including an altered Jimmy Olsen, and also owned a bar which was only visited by criminals.

However, some details from his original existence were still preserved as he still had a brother, Dante, and secretly possessed his vibration-based powers despite not knowing about them.

When the Trigger Twins came to his bar searching for him as they needed his powers to be breached to Earth-38, Mr. Ramon was initally annoyed by the two heroes-turned-criminals but, later, he became interested in them after Barry revelead him ke knew about this brother so Ramon released them after the Twins proposed him to explain him how to access to his latent abilities. Then, Ramon helped them reach the Fortress of Solitude on Earth-38.

His existence was ultimately erased after the heroes managed to stop Deegan from using again the Book of Destiny and restored the original reality.[1]


  • Mr. Ramon's abilities imply that, in the Elseworlds reality, the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator still exploded and created the metahumans in Central City. Similar to his original counterpart, Ramon's powers failed to manifest immediately.