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Francisco "Cisco" Ramon is Vibe, a hero who can manipulate warp waves.

Cisco Ramon was caught in the event horizon of a boom tube during Darkseid's first invasion of Earth. The exposure to the interdimensional forces rewrote his DNA, and now Cisco uses his vibrational powers to help A.R.G.U.S. find and restrain dangerous fugitives from other realities. The second-youngest member of the Justice League of America, he is the hero known as Vibe.[2] He was recruited to the JLA to take down Flash, should the Justice League ever go rogue.

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  • Extradimensional Exposure: When a Boom Tube opened up on Cisco Ramon he was trapped in between dimensions for a matter of seconds. Enough time elapsed before he was pulled out and began vibrating between physical planes. While not always visible, Vibe is constantly vibrating at a frequency of a Boom Tube.[3]
    • Warp Wave Manipulation: Vibe can project, discharge, and manipulate powerful vibrations from his body. He has learned to focus his warp wave energies through his hands in order to create shock waves of great power and magnitude. His vibrational blasts are powerful enough to level a mountain or easily shake a group of Parademons to pieces.[3]
      • Dimensional Travel: Cisco has the ability to harness and manipulate the forces of reality, enabling him to create tears between space, time and reality. He can also travel inter-dimensionally as well.[4] Vibe has also previously barred The Flash from accessing the Speed Force rendering him powerless.
      • Warp Augmentation: Whenever tears across space, time and reality emerge, Cisco's abilities grow stronger with each breach and incursion, giving Vibe more control over his abilities.[5]
    • Psychometry: Cisco can read the psychoactive imprint left behind on others in order to get a detailed read on past or current events. Once having seen the entirety of Bart Allen's past by mistake when touching him using his powers.[6][7]
    • Energy Sensing: Cisco can sense the pan-dimensional energy signatures, feeling when and where an excursion from a different dimension is either occurring or emanating from.[2]
    • Technological Invisibility: Vibe's constant vibration renders him invisible to cameras. His body oscillates at a higher frequency which causes him to appear as a blur.

  • Cisco's middle name is "Paco", reminiscent of his previous incarnation's name Paco Ramone.[8]
  • "Paco" is also a common nickname for "Francisco".



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