Frank William "Chas" Chandler[1] is a London cabbie, a good friend and ally of John Constantine.

Early life

He was born in London in 1953 to Queenie and her husband. Whereas in his friends' homes, the father was the violent drunk, it was the other way round in the Chandler household. Frank's other brother, Terry, was hanged in 1960; that same year, Queenie killed her husband. She threw a bottle at him, causing him to fall down the stairs and die of pneumonia a week later.

Shortly after, his mother acquired a female monkey, Slag. It became her familiar, and the two developed a strong bond. Queenie never left the bed, relying on Slag to do everything. Frank lived under her as a slave, as his father had. In 1969, 17-year old John Constantine became a new lodger, and quickly befriended Chas. John was sensitive to mystic forces, and sensed Slag was more than just a monkey when it talked to him - something Queenie could not hear. He seduced the monkey, and then drowned it. The psychic link caused Queenie to die as well. Chas was freed, but indebted to John.[2]

With John

Chas wasn't the brightest, and generally had low-paying jobs to make ends meet. He worked as a roadie for Mucous Membrane before becoming a cabbie in London. This made him useful to John, who frequently called him for free rides in the capital. He kept Chas away from most of his occult dealings, which meant Chas was spared the fate of John's other friends.[3] He settled in London with a woman named Renee, a woman previously involved with John. Around 1978, their daughter Geraldine was born.[2]

Dangerous Habits


When he was in money trouble, Chas briefly quit his job as a cab driver to work for a bookie. He couldn't allow John to bet - John had a history of using precognition spells to scam bookies, and couldn't drive John around. Their relationship hit a bit of a slump, which also wasn't helped by John's cancer. John decided to repay his old friend by betting in Liverpool, giving Chas the money to pay off his loans and get a new cab. It brought him to tears, though he was painfully aware John called him out on his oafishness.[4] It was meant as a farewell gift, but John's plan to get rid of his cancer actually worked. Chas was shocked when he learned John survived without telling him.[5]

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