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Frank Frazetta (b. February 9, 1928 – d.May 10, 2010) was a comic book artist.

Professional History

Frazetta was best known for his work for EC Comics in the 1950s and, later, his many iconic movie posters, book and album covers, and fantasy and sci-fi pinups. His primary work for DC Comics, early in his career, was a distinguished run on the Shining Knight in Adventure Comics.

He worked for: DC Comics; Marvel; Swappers Quarterly / Almanac/Baily Publishing Company; Prize; Standard; Famous Funnies; EC; Avon; Warren; United Features Syndicate; King Features Syndicate; Playboy (magazine); Verotik; Quantum Cat Entertainment

Personal History

Frank Frazetta was born in the borough of Brooklyn. He died on a Monday in a Fort Myers, Florida hospital.

Work History

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