Frank Halloran alias Kid Amazo was a cybernetic organism created by Professor Ivo and his lab assistant daughter Sara Shapiro to have similar powers as his "father" the power duplicating android Amazo but a more advanced mind aided by his biological half provided by Sara, who posed as his girlfriend at college to help keep an eye on him and steer him to the right direction.

Not only possessing his own personality, unlike Amazo he could copy all the creativity, personality, and skill of the Justice League and was thus a far greater threat in combat. Unfortunately, Frank was unable to reconcile the conflicting personalities of the Leaguers in his head, a problem made worse by his own uncertainty whether or not to follow his father's path in fighting the Justice League, a conflict only made worse by the aggressive stance some of the JLA took to him and the revelation that Sara was just monitoring him and claimed to not love him, until eventually the inner struggle proved too much for Halloran and his mind broke down, causing him to self destruct.



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