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Frank Ivers was a corrupt sergeant at the Gotham City Police Department.

He worked in the force for over 20 years before he was partnered with young detective Elliot Lynch.

Ivers and Lynch were summoned by Batman after a fire in Park Row. He informed them about the crime ring involving the kidnapping of young pregnant girls and he managed to bug Ivers with a microphone on his coat. With the device, Batman learned that Ivers was involved in some illicit business as well.[1]

Ivers and Lynch were assigned the case of the disappearance of Cassie Welles and they interrogated the family of the girl.[2] Shortly after, they interrogated the boyfriend of the girl and Lynch disapproved of Ivers' methods. However, Lynch was soon killed and replaced by one of The Body's evil doppelgangers. Ivers was aware of The Body's presence in Gotham and as soon as he realized his partner was one of them, he changed his attitude and morale.[3] Soon, they found the body of the missing girl and went to give the news to the family. However, it was all a ruse so the fake Lynch could eliminate the girl's family. Ivers tried to protect them, but he was shot in the stomach by the doppelganger.[4]

Ivers was taken to a hospital to recover after being shot. However, his knowledge and fear of The Body combined with a massive dose of Demerol, caused an adverse reaction that resulted in him becoming paranoid. Fearing that he was the last human, he believed that The Body would adopt the shape of any person to eliminate him and caused a major altercation at the hospital until he was stopped by Robin, who tied him and took him to another tomb to prevent him from harming others and himself.[5]

The Body tried to get to Ventriloquist several times, but they were always stopped by Robin and Gordon.[6] Robin summoned the Bat-Copter to get all of them out of the hospital but an infectious fear spread across the building and left everybody incapacitated and killed, except for Frank, who seemed to be immune to the fear. By the end of the day, Frank was left alone in a hospital full of dead people.[7]

Fran wandered the hallways of the hospital searching for the room where Crazy Jefferey had bein placed. Once he found the madman, Ivers killed him using a shotgun, eliminating the source of the fear and freeing the entire people from it's effects. However, Frank's mind was shattered and the only solution for his condition was suicide. Frank Ivers used the same shotgun to kill himself after saving the lives of thousands of people.[8]




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