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Frank Sharp was a teenage villain in Gotham City with the power to persuade somebody to do anything by touching them.

Bitter that he was born with a hideous face to go along with his powers, Sharp was kicked out of his house by his parents when he was 18 years-old. Then, he decided to use his powers to take over Gotham City, working his way to fame and fortune without doing anything illegal. After attempting to use his scam on the Penguin, Sharp became entangled in criminal activities that furthered Batman's suspicions about him.

When Batman attempted to investigate Sharp as Bruce Wayne, Sharp shook his hand and told him to jump off the building, which, Wayne complied [1] but caught himself before hitting the ground.

Batman then paid a visit to Sharp's parents to figure out the nature of their son's powers. When the Bat went to apprehend Sharp, instead of using force, he simply extended his hand, wanting to help Sharp instead of hurt him more. Sharp was taken to Arkham Asylum voluntarily, his admittance funded by Bruce Wayne.


  • Mind Control: After making physical contact with somebody, Sharp can instruct them to do whatever he wants, including forget they even talked to him.




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