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Frank Verrano is Inferno, a pyrokinetic superhero.

One of the people Sergeant Case worked with disappeared off the grid. When assigned a project loosely connected to Project Shield, a black ops project. This project was manned by Arvin Halliday a man named Frank Verrano was recommended to overseeing his testing side.


Two months later a man with no I.D. was found in the bay of San Francisco where a cruise ship went down by an explosion. When he came to he was under the care of doctor Robert Dickering, the man managed to mumble a few words about the happenstance on the ship "...Bomb... on board... gunfire... the dark men..." and before he passed out again he mentioned a name Frank Verrano but he did not know if it was his name or the man responsible for the explosion, or both.


  • Inferno is based on the MLJ Comics character of the same name. He first appeared in Zip Comics #10. He was originally an enemy of Steel Sterling, but later became a hero.