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Quote1.png I was once a monster, but now I am so much more. I used to walk the world alone... But now I am one of the many. Now I am part of Brother Eye. I used to think my flesh was dead, unholy... but now I see that all flesh is evil. It must be purged. The world must be cleansed. These are the last days... This is the end. Quote2.png
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Frankenstein was a S.H.A.D.E. agent who fell to the onslaught of Brother Eye.

5 years from now

At the point when Batman (Terry McGinnis) finished time-traveling, he had left the employ of S.H.A.D.E. and was living in a secluded part of Nunavut. However, he was baited into tracking down the agency by Father Time, who wanted his help solving the murder of the Stormwatch team. Frankenstein accepted because his former girlfriend, Nina Mazursky, had died. So Frank went with the other Agents of S.H.A.D.E to the Phantom Zone. They were met with Black Adam who wanted to leave. Frank insisted that they ignore him, But Amethyst went to go deal with him. After his arm was cut, Ray suggested to give him Hawkman's arm. Once they were done, It was revealed that Hawkman survived, and he wasn't too happy about his arm being put on Frankenstein. Hawkman stopped once Amaya explained that Stormwatch was dead.[1]

Amaya's glad that Hawkman Left so easily. She also wished that Stormwatch didn't die. Frank's new arm began beeping. It was a signal to show that someone's still alive[2] Ray provided guidance to his companions. Frank and Amaya bonded over their awkward sense of humour. She gave him a bloodstone so he could sharpen his sword.[3]. Later they found themselves fighting Brother Eyes cyborgs. During the battle, Frankenstein had his face cut off, And the rest are surprised to see that he was bleeding human blood. They were attacked by Stormwatch's engineer and were corrupted by Brother Eye.[4]

Ray told Frank that he was dying, Frank found it to be nonsense, as he can't die, but was showed that he is actually dying.[5] So they took him to Justice League Dark and John Constantine, who told them to go to Castle Frankenstein.[6]

Frank saw what happened in the future and asked Amethyst to let him die.[7] Once Frank died, this changed the future heavily.[8]

35 years from now

Thirty years further into the future, Frankenstein was not corrupted by Brother Eye's techno-organics, but still served him (either because he wanted to become something better, or because Brother Eye still had some influence over him) as a commander of the Brother Eye units. He spared The Flash, and gave him a chance to join Brother Eye willingly or die. When the Flash refused, Frankenstein revealed Black Canary's face having been surgically attached to his chest and unleashed her Canary Cry, killing the Flash. After that he monologued about being why he joined Brother eye.[9]Frankenstein saw Brother Eye feeding The Joker. Frank said that they should just kill him, But Brother Eye revealed his purpose, to torture the Batman.[3]



  • This character is an adaptation of Frankenstein's Monster, a character from the novel Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley published in 1818. More information can be found in the Wikipedia.org article Frankenstein.



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