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Greyshirt is a vigilante in Indigo City.

Born out of wedlock, Franky Lafayette was the son of Lips Lafayette and gangster Carmine Cabone. During childhood, and throughout his teen-aged years, he was best buddies with another juvenile punk named Johnny Apollo. However, Apollo would betray this friendship by forming an alliance with "Spatz" Katz and going after the Carbone/Lafayette family. The two former friends had a showdown inside Indigo Central Station, which was blown to bits with explosives. Apollo survived, but was melded with a serpentine monster which was living within the local mines. He continued to hunt down, and kidnap, the rest of the Carbone/Lafayette family.

Lafayette was thought dead after the explosion, and his body was never found. He did escape injury, however, by wearing a chainmail vest prior to confronting Apollo. A bum found him in the rubble and nursed him back to health. With the local authorities thinking he was dead, and his enemies thinking the same, he donned a new identity as Greyshirt, and went after Apollo.

He succeeded in taking down "Spatz" and his men, and even having another showdown with Apollo, this time inside the Indigo mineshaft. When the mine collapsed on them during their confrontation, once again, the authorities believed the two men must have died. Apollo was indeed killed, but Greyshirt was able to walk away from the disaster, and continue his secret lifestyle as the guardian to Indigo City.




  • He wears a chainmail armor vest, a stab-proof "greyshirt."
  • A walking cane.



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