Quote1.png I've developed an algorithm to rearrange the food in order of a savory-sweet spectrum so it's easier for the guest to find — hm?... Oops Quote2.png
Frankie Quinzel src

.Harley Quinn's brother Frankie Quinzel is a young Science Fair winning genius who sometimes still overlooks the obvious.

During her life of crime, Harley Quinn had missed Frankie growing up into a young man. When she was reacquainted with him at Christmas, she learned that he was now known as the school honor role genius and science fair winner.[1] But he was still a little awkward. And forgetful. His swarm of drones were sent to rearrange Harley's Christmas dinner, but failed because he had forgot to charge his phone.[2]


  • Science: Frankie had a knowledge of science that was advanced for a teenager.


  • Forgetfulness


  • Drones



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