Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the 32nd President of the United States during World War II.

During his presidency, he was kidnapped, by Axis agents and ambitious criminals, thrice. He was also, technically, kidnapped by one superhero, to hold an impromptu international peace-making conference.

FDR Meets Neon the Unknown

In 1940 the Secretary of War, the Secretary of State, and President Roosevelt, were hastily persuaded to draw up a peace agreement, by Neon the Unknown, who then herded these officials into a limousine, and flew them out to the severed end of Kampfland's Transatlantic Bridge, where they met with the surviving senior officers of the invading Kampflandic army, and settled their differences.[1]

FDR Meets Uncle Sam

In 1940, the U.S. President, (who was depicted with white hair and pattern-bald) (and able to walk), was kidnapped from the presidential yacht, by foreign agents, using an autogiro and a seaplane. He was flown to the secret fortress of an Axis-sponsored paramilitary group, in Box Valley, and locked in a cell. Uncle Sam, in the process of busting this group, the Purple Shirts, also found the President's cell, wrenched the bars out of the wall, and flew through a stone wall, with the president literally holding onto his coat-tails.[2]

FDR Meets Uncle Sam Again

In the early 1940s, renegade senator Northrup Bristol effectively but briefly took over the U.S. Federal Government, and in the process he kidnapped the President and half of Congress, and replaced them with surgically disguised dopplegangers. Uncle Sam and some U.S. Marines rescued them and restored them to their rightful offices.[3]

FDR Meets the Black Condor

In the early 1940s, the U.S. President, (who was depicted with Roosevelt's gray hair and distinctive smile) (and able to walk), was kidnapped from the White House, by German Agents, by means unknown, and was replaced with a German imposter, who called off all support for England, disbanded the U.S. Army, and shut down all defense-related production, throwing thousands out of work. One U.S. Senator suspected the substitution, and investigated; he was Tom Wright, secretly the Black Condor. The real president had been hidden away at an abandoned lighthouse, beside the Gulf of Mexico. The Black Condor rescued him, and captured the kidnap gang plus the crew of a German battlecruiser, and their ship.[4]

FDR Meets the Human Bomb:

At another time in the very early 1940s, at the White House, an assassination attempt was made against the U.S. President, (who stood, but with a cane), by enemy agents, who were equipped with specialized gas weapons, and a panzer tank.[5] This attempt was thwarted by Roy Lincoln, secretly the Human Bomb, who happened to be at the White House on other business.



  • This character is a fictional representation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a real person. More information on this person can be found at



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