Quote1 And since you're so fond of rhymes, here's one for you... "The steps to murder and abuse lead to the gallows and the noose!" Say... That's not bad for a cop! Quote2
Manhunter (Dan Richards) src
Rhymester was an enemy of Manhunter (Dan Richards).

Frank Smith was one of several thieves who purchased the rights to an inventor's "secret weapon." The next morning, when the inventor read in the paper how he was cheated out of his invention, he committed suicide. With the discovery of the body, and a "death threat" being delivered to one of the four "investors", Manhunter (Dan Richards) was assigned to the case.

Frank wanted the invention for himself. He began to prey on the other crooks by writing to them with a macabre verse. As the Murdering Rhymster, he would send notes to the men, explaining when and how they will die. Then he would strike with sudden death.

With the process of elimination, as two of the crooks were killed during Manhunter's investigation, the murdering poet was caught and sent to the gallows.



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