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The Freak Show was a group of super villains formed by Lillian Hawkes, sister of Veronica Hawkes, the CEO of Hawkes Industries.


Unknown to her sister, Lillian allied herself with Dr. Max Castle, an ex-convict who had developed a method of transforming people into super-humans, and gave him the means to transform himself and four others into super agents to attack rival companies and steal their technology: Runaround Sue, who had super speed, Siphon, who could drain the powers of others, Incinderella, who could generate and manipulate heat, Stasis, who could create stasis fields, and Castle himself, who could trade places with others through teleportation. When Green Lantern defeated the Freak Show, on Lillian's instructions the others claimed they had been working solely for Castle, who had been forcing Lillian to comply with his plans; Castle escaped and confronted Lillian, but she shot him dead. Green Lantern arrived immediately afterward but believed Lillian had been acting in self defense. The remaining members of the Freak Show were jailed and have not been seen since.

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