Fred Stickley was Edward Nygma's supervisor at Wayne Enterprises, who was in charge of its science division.

Fred was overseeing Nygma's project called The Box, which he pulled the plug on prior to Bruce Wayne's visit of that department due to the invention's description of manipulating brain waves, though it had not yet been tested on a subject. One night Fred caught Nygma still working on the project long after it had been terminated and threatened to have him ejected from the premises, but Nygma captured him and used him as the test subject for his invention, with the bizarre side effect that The Box also used Fred's neural energy to make Nygma smarter. Upon hearing this, Fred now threatened to have Nygma committed to a psychiatric facility and ultimately fired, but Nygma pushed the still-bound-to-his-chair Fred through a window to drown to his death falling into the Gotham River, later covering it up as a suicide.




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