Freddy and Jason are buried in the ruble of the house, and Ash is still unconscious, with Carrie desperately trying to wake Ash up.

Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash #6 is an issue of the series Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (Volume 1) with a cover date of May, 2008.

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Freddy and Jason are buried in the ruble of the house, and Ash is still unconscious, with Carrie desperately trying to wake Ash up.

The ruble of the house begins to move, growing arms, then Freddy's head and torso, then forming Freddy fully. Carrie begins to run, leaving Ash behind, and with the Necronomicon in hand. Carrie runs to a frozen over lake, with some small shacks built on it, and hides in one. Freddy was short behind, and blows a few up with his powers. He lifts the last house up, leaving the foundation below, blowing the rest of it up in midair, and reclaims the Necronomicon from Carrie.

As Freddy is about to kill her, Jason comes to the scene, much to Freddy's annoyance. Freddy had planned to drown Jason in the frozen water below, using his power to simulate fire and melt the ice. However, before Freddy could muster up the power, Jason cuts Freddy's head in half with his machete. Freddy quickly puts his head back together, and uses his power to instead use freeze breath, freezing Jason in place. Freddy began reading from the Necronomicon, planning to send Jason to the realm of the Deadites. Before Freddy could finish the spell, Ash comes along, and hits Freddy with his car, making Freddy fly into a tree. Ash then starts beating on Freddy by punching him, kicking him, and shooting him in the crotch. Freddy just smiles, and points behind Ash, as Jason is right behind him, with Ash narrowly missing the blow he was about to receive from Jason. Ash's luck is short lived, as the ice under him cracks, and Ash falls in.

Freddy and Jason resume round fighting each other again. Freddy quickly multiplies himself into five Freddy's, holding Jason and beating him. While underwater, Ash uses his chainsaw to break the ice above him to get out of the water. Jason slashes and kills four Freddy's. Before Freddy and Jason could start up again, Ash used his shotgun, and shot Jason in the back, blowing a clean hole through him, then uses his chainsaw and slashes Freddy, then is knocked down when Jason hits him in the back of the head. Ash pleads with Carrie to "Read the Damn passage!" then kicks Jason in the crotch. Jason picks up Ash, and throws him to Freddy, with Freddy stopping Ash in mid-air, and was ready to once again use his newfound powers to terrorize "a whole world of kids" and ready to use the full extent of his powers. With another plea from Ash, Carrie reads the Necronomicon, opening up a Vortex. Freddy is being sucked in, but Jason is too strong, and isn't being pulled in. Jason walks over to Ash and Carrie, but the Vortex makes Ash's car fly into Jason, and forces him into the frozen lake. Carrie loses grip of the Necronomicon, and it begins to also fly into the Vortex, but Freddy catches it, planning to reverse the spell. However, the Necronomicon flies out of Freddy's hands and into the vortex, with Freddy being sucked into it as well. Freddy and Jason are no longer a threat, Ash and Carrie are finally relieved, and they kiss. Carrie later asks a question, "Are Freddy and Jason finally gone for good?" with Ash saying that "The Deadites seem to come back no matter what I do. There's only one thing I know for sure. Its over... For now."

Ash and Carrie drive away. However, after they leave, the portal opens long enough to drop the Necronomicon on the frozen lake, revealing three people, one of which resembling Ash, looking over at Freddy, whose face takes up the right side of the page, with a smile on his face, where underneath the ice, Jason opens his eye.

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