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Officer Fred Chyre has served with the Keystone City Police Department for well over 35 years.

Officer Chyre is a good cop but with a serious anger problem, which has resulted in a number of suspensions and this has kept him as one of the oldest beat cops.[1]

Officer Chyre was first partnered with his friend and mentor Joe Jackam, who taught him everything he would need to know. Together, Joe and Fred captured the notorious serial killer known as Murmur, with help from Flash (Barry Allen).[2]

Years later, Joe's granddaughter, Julie, joined the force and Fred Chyre offered to take her on as his partner. But Julie was killed in her home rather than in the line of duty.[3] Chyre insisted on being part of the investigation into her death.[4] Chyre and detective Jared Morillo located the Cicada cult and helped the Flash take down their leader.[5]

The police captain assigned Morillo and Chyre as partners, creating the new Department of Metahuman Hostility.[6] The captain placed the duo together because they did well on the Cicada case, but also because no one wanted to work with either of them.[5]

Chyre took Julie's orphan son under his protection, although he strongly believed that Josh's father was in fact the Flash.[5] He became even more suspicious when Josh started showing displays of powers similar to the Flash,[6] but when Chyre tried to take Josh to Wally, the criminal known as Weather Wizard appeared and revealed that he was Josh's father.[7]

The Weather Wizard was captured and Chyre started the adoption papers to get custody of Josh.[8]



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