Aeronaut was a member of the Paladins.

Fawkes' company, the Fawkes Aeronautical Group, was contacted by the USAF during the Second World War to develop the "Wingless Jet-Propelled Fighter Suit", an experimental jetpack ensemble. Fawkes wrote back claiming the research had been fruitless and sent the Air Force its money back. In secret, however, Fawkes somehow contrived to build the WJPFS, and took to the skies as the hero known as Aeronaut. His activities are unrecorded, but he was tasked to observe the bombing of Hiroshima along with several other heroes in 1945. There, he was teleported into a secret bunker and conscripted into the NOTB Program.

In the Program, Aeronaut was a member of the Paladins, saving the City time and again. At the same time, he exhibited a womanizing streak that put him at odds with Honeybee. During his time in the Number of the Beast, The Aeronaut, along with the other Paladins, engaged Venusians in their attempt to invade the planet, and also annoying the other members of the group. Building on his reputation of a womanizer, Aeronaut engaged in a sexual encounter with Honeybee, who in her pleasure, was unable to control her stinger, ultimately causing the Aeronaut to leave, and become uncontrollably drunk while most of the inhabitants of the city were removed. After most of the inhabitants of the city had disappeared without a trace, and the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Aeronaut attempted to save his On-Off lover Honeybee from Famine, who had drained most of the life from her. He was left flying away at speed from her aged visage.

When the High and the Eidolon brought down the NOTB Program, Doctor Sin escaped, knocked out Aeronaut (whom he resembled) and placed the hero, gagged, in a command chair in the NOTB Bunker #1 to give the illusion that someone was controlling the events inside of the Number of the Beast simulation after alerting the authorities to his presence. Aeronaut was shot in the back of the head by a diligent soldier, Lieutenant Welles, who, after realizing her mistake, used Aeronaut's gear to escape the explosion when the bunker's system blew up by a Reaper, a clone of the High.



  • Wingless Jet-Propelled Fighter Suit
    • Rocket Pack: This rocket pack allowed him the ability to fly with surprising maneuverability.
    • Flight Suit: This suit is insulated for high altitudes.
    • Fighter Helmet: This helmet is a modified fighter pilot's helmet which not only provides oxygen at high altitudes but has a HUD with useful information.
    • Fighter Weaponry: The suit comes equip with wrist mounted rockets and other various lightweight weaponry.



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