Frederick Fletcher worked as an under appreciated and underpaid employee at Capitol City National Bank for twenty years. The disgruntled Freddie decided to assemble a gang, rob the bank, and retire, but was confronted by Plastic Man. He avoided escape, and stole a plane to fly to Mexico. Plastic Man briefly captured him, but he leapt from the plane into an active volcano. Inside the volcano he found a man made of lava that claimed to have been consumed by the volcano over 500 years ago. Freddie found that he, too, was now a living Lava Man. As Lava Man he returned to Capitol City and robbed the national bank, only to find that the stolen money burned at his touch. Plastic Man again fought with him, luring him into a railroad refrigerator car. Lava Man froze and Plastic Man smashed him to pieces. The railroad car eventually passed near Mexico, where Lava Man reformed his body and went to live in the volcano that spawned him. He was sick and tired of being hounded and defeated, and so Lava Man decided the outside world was not for him anymore. He has not been heard from since.



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