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Freddy Freeman is a young man who owns and operates his own corner newsstand. Crippled from an accident, Freddy Freeman has only to say the magical word Shazam in order to turn into the mighty Captain Marvel, Jr. Together with the Marvel Family, Freddy fights to defend Fawcett City from the likes of Doctor Sivana and his Sivana Family.

When Doctor Sivana attacked the Rock of Eternity, it was up to Freddy and the Marvel Family to protect the city when Magnificus Sivana, Georgia Sivana and Thaddeus Sivana, Jr. attack Captain Marvel. When Thaddeus Junior let loose the Monster Society, Freddy told Captain Marvel to go stop Doctor Sivana himself and let Freddy stay behind with the Family to defeat the Society. Working as a team the Marvel Family ended Sivanaday and returned the world to safety.




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