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Freddy Freeman was thrown into the world of foster care when his parents went to prison. He has since found a home with the Vasquez family and their other foster kids.[2] Eventually, Freddy and his foster siblings gained the powers of Shazam, making them superheroes.


Freddy was placed in foster care after his parents went to prison, and he hasn't seen them since he was 10 years old. Eventually, Freddy is adopted by Victor and Rosa Vasquez, along with Billy Batson, Mary Bromfield, Pedro Peña, Eugene Choi, and Darla Dudley. Although Freddy and Billy didn't get along at first, they ended up forming a friendship, even though Freddy stole Billy's wallet when they first met.[2]

Freddy is also one of the first brothers to learn that he has the power to become Shazam.[3] By saying the word "Shazam!", Freddy becomes an adult superhero with shoulder-length blond hair and a blue suit.[4] When Freddy gained his powers, he commented that he wants to be called "King Shazam".[1]

Doomsday Clock

In the wake of the chaos caused by the Superman Theory, the bulk of the superhero community travelled to Mars to confront Doctor Manhattan. Freddy and the rest of the Shazam Family were amongst these heroes. The combined efforts of Earth's heroes were no match for Manhattan, and they were quickly wiped out.[5]

The Seven Magiclands

Freddy and his family fight Mister Mind.

After stopping a robbery at the Museum of the American Revolution, Freddy and his Family found a magical train station at the Rock of Eternity, they also found a map that showed the Magiclands.[6] Freddy convinced the rest of his family to try it out by going to the Funlands, there they met King Kid, the ruler of the funlands.[7] When Billy refused to make King Kid their seventh champion and they all decided to go back home, the clowns of the Funlands tried to capture the Family, with Freddy and Darla being sent to the Wildlands were they couldn't use the magic word to transform.[8] Freddy and Darla were later put in the Kangaroo court and sentenced to being eaten by tigers.[9] But they are later rescued by one of the tigers named Tawky and the three escape to the Darklands.[10]

There they are reunited with Billy, who had been looking for them and they all finally go back to their foster home in the Earthlands.[11] Freddy later went with his family and stopped the King Kid who was released from the Funlands and was attacking Philadelphia.[12] After seeing that The Wizard attacked Billy's biological father who had been turn into their seventh champion, Freddy and the others helped Billy fight the wizard before Billy sent him back to the Rock of Eternity, this proved to be mistake though as it was revealed that Billy's dad was being controlled by Mister Mind this whole time and released the Monster Society from the Monsterlands.[13] Freddy fought the Monster Society and later the other lands that had been united by a spell that Mister Mind forced Billy to cast. After defeating Mister Mind, Freddy and his family fought Superboy-Prime before being defeated and saved by the combined efforts of Shazam and Black Adam.[14]

Losing his powers

Freddy and the Shazam Family lost their powers due to Billy losing his connection to the Rock of Eternity, as he lost the stamina of atlas Freddy wasn't protected from his debilitating neurological disorder anymore and went to the hospital, where he sent texts to Billy who didn't respond due to being ashamed of not knowing what to do.[15]

Billy later went to Hell where the Rock of Eternity was located and tried to regain his powers to save Freddy, but after an encounter with an alternative Black Adam who warned him about a potential future, Billy decided that due to its instability, the power was too dangerous to share in the mean time.[16]


Other Characteristics

  • Osteonecrosis: Freddy suffers from bone death due to his body's poor blood supply.
  • Restricted Mobility: In his normal human form, Freddy has limited mobility due to his lame leg.



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