Frederick "Fred" Hemsley was a rich man who was friends with Violet Paige's father Martin.[1]

Before Fred, Martin, and Violet went on a hunting trip together when Violet was a young girl, she overheard Mister Hemsley talking to her father about the possibility of selling Violet to him. While on the trip, Violet confronted her father, pointing the hunting rifle at him, demanding an explanation. When Martin attempted to explain that he wasn't trying to sell her, he was trying to sell her mother, Violet shot and killed him.[2]

Years later, when Violet was an adult and operating as the new vigilante Mother Panic, Mister Hemsley was still a rich, scummy socialite. Hemsley bought a morbid artwork from the serial killer / artist named Gala and showed it to his bodyguard / lover Dominic, but failed to expect Dominic's unapproving reaction.

Mother Panic managed to save Dominic from Hemsley's hired assailants and, after tracking Hemsley down, took her revenge by repeatedly slamming his head in his (expensive) car door. Even though she couldn't bring herself to perform the finishing blow to kill Hemsley, Mother Panic allowed him to bleed out, returning to find Hemsley's bloody corpse still in the car later on.[3]



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