Alias has been a StormWatch reservist since 1993 and joined its successor organization Team Achilles. He was brought in following Ben Santini's removal of Senator Sonny Terns, using his shapechanging powers to impersonate the Senator. In a rather ironic twist the Senator was a white conservative racist while Frederick is a liberal South African. During his time impersonating the Senator he helped get through various liberal bills and financial aid for various African American organizations. During Citizen Soldier's attempted over throw of the US government his true identity was revealed, forcing him to abandon his mission and join the Team Achilles field team for the first time.[1] He was given the option of leaving the group follow The Authority's take over of the United States, it was thought that due to the covert nature of mission and the fact that he had never worked with the field team, that The Authority would be unaware of his existence. He refused and stayed with his team.[2]


  • Metamorphosis: Alias has the ability to alter his body mass, skin color and vocal pitch to imitate anyone. He can also shift the position of his internal organ.



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