The Free Lancers were a trio of space pirates who operated throughout the known galaxy.


They traveled from space sector to space sector using their ship's on board computer to analyze valuable weapons from various worlds. From this, they were able to determine a potential foe's strengths and weaknesses. The Free Lancers learned about a collection of three Oan Power Rings, weapons that were even more powerful than traditional first generation Green Lantern Rings because they did not have any inherent weaknesses (unlike a standard Green Lantern Ring which is defenseless against anything colored yellow).

While searching for these highly coveted, powerful weapons, the Free Lancers encountered the Green Lantern known as Kaylark. They manipulated Kaylark into turning against the rings' creators, the Guardians of the Universe.


Equipment: The Free Lancers employed several robot drones to perform routine functions aboard their ship, including security.
Transportation: Space Ship

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