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The Freedom Fighters were a resistance group on Earth-X, combating the tyrannical reign of the Nazi Party and its fuhrer Oliver Queen.


They were led by General Schott. When the Nazis began to invade Earth-1, Alex Danvers, Firestorm, Flash, Green Arrow, Martin Stein, and Sara Lance are all captured and brought to an Earth-X concentration camp. Here, they met The Ray, and were saved by Leo Snart, two members of the Freedom Fighters. Leo takes them back to Freedom Fighters headquarters, where they meet General Schott. General Schott aimed to destroy the only portal to Earth-1 in order to strike a critical blow against the Nazis, but was opposed by the newly arrived heroes. General Schott agreed to let the heroes and his Freedom Fighters try entering the breach by infiltrating the Nazi facility, but only gave them one hour to do so. General Schott launched Red Tornado after their hour was up, but the Flash and the Ray managed to stop it before it reached the breach.[1]

Leo Snart later left the team to join the Legends.[2]



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