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The French Foreign Legion was a unit of the French military which for much of its history recruited and enlisted foreign citizens, for service in remote colonial regions around the world, most notably in North Africa.


In the late 1930s, American pilot Wing Brady served in the Legion, and had several desperate adventures during the campaign against Ali ben Saad and his Bedouin Raiders.[1]

In 1940, during the campaign against the Mbangi rebellion, American infantryman Tom Corbet was the sole survivor of an ill-planned march into desert country. He became the superhero Neon the Unknown, and had a brief career until 1941.[2]

In 1942, three Foreign Legionnaires, Fred, Pedro, and Slim, were killed in a sabotaged airplane, but returned to the war as the Ghost Patrol, continuing their fight against the Axis and other evils for several years.[3]

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