"Friday the 13th": The counselors manage to rescue Sally and pull her back to the shore. They administer CPR and Sally appears to be fine.

Friday the 13th #2 is an issue of the series Friday the 13th (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2007.

Appearing in "Friday the 13th"

Featured Characters:

  • Alisha Jackson
  • Brian Evans
  • Rico
  • Ryan
  • Sasha
  • Sally Thomas

Supporting Characters:

  • Jerry White (Final appearance; dies)
  • Mike Burns
  • Nate Dodds (Final appearance; dies)


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Friday the 13th"

The counselors manage to rescue Sally and pull her back to the shore. They administer CPR and Sally appears to be fine.

Later that evening, Rico and Alisha are making love in their cabin. They are interupted when they discover the two new junior counselors Jerry White and Nate Dodds peeping at them through the window. Rico flies into a rage and chase after them completely naked. Nate and Jerry reach the safety of the other counselors before Rico can get his hands on them and Mike Burns tells Rico to cover himself because he's "scaring the girls" with his nakedness. Mike also makes sure that Sally is okay after her near-drowning experience earlier, but in truth, he is really using the time as an opportunity to make a move on her. Sally doesn't fall for it, and tells Mike that she's not interested.

After things calm down, Ryan, Sasha, Brian, Nate and Jerry go to Ryan's cabin to play some guards. Sasha continues to make fun of Brian, berating him for his nerdish behavior and high I.Q. Ryan puts up a half-hearted defense for his friend, but it is still enough to anger Sasha and she storms out of the cabin. She walks down towards the lake where she sees the spectral forms of several bodies rising from the lake. She races back to tell the others, but Nate and Jerry think that she's just high.

A short while later, Brian Evans goes to Sally's cabin. Sally is sitting on her bed and doesn't realize that he's watching her. She is clearly frustrated about something and tosses her belongings onto the floor. She catches a glimpse of Brian's reflection in the mirror.

Still later, Nate and Jerry leave Ryan's cabin and go out onto the lake raft. They lie back and discuss the events of the day. Suddenly, Jason Voorhees launches himself from the lake and stabs both boys through the head with sharp instruments. He drags their bodies down into the lake.


  • This issue contains explicit material and is suggested for mature readers.


  • No trivia.

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