"Friday the 13th": The Present

Friday the 13th #5 is an issue of the series Friday the 13th (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2007.

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  • New Jersey
  • Camp Crystal Lake
    • Crystal Lake
    • Rec House


  • Jason's hockey mask]]
  • Jason's machete


Synopsis for "Friday the 13th"

The Present
Sally Thomas is in a hospital recovering from shock and several minor injuries. A county sheriff is present and asks her questions pertaining to the recent killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake.

Two Weeks Earlier
In the middle of the night, Trevor Gaines returns to Camp Crystal Lake to get an update on recent events. He wants to know why he hasn't heard from Mike Burns. The other counselors tell him that Mike's been killed and that a masked murderer is even now stalking the campground. Trevor has difficulty believing their story. However, he agrees to take everybody out of the camp in his truck, but warns them that it might be dangerous because the roads are washed out.

To prove their story, Ryan shows Gaines the inside of his own vehicle which is still occupied by the severed heads of Nate Dodds and Jerry White. As Trevor turns around, an arrow flies from out of nowhere and goes through his throat. Ryan races back into the Rec center.

Back in her own cabin, Sally looks down at the body of the unconscious Jason Voorhees. However, it is not actually Voorhees that lies at her feet, but Brian Evans. Without her medication, Sally envisioned Brian as Voorhees and killed him. In anguish, she tears off all of her clothing. She slips on a puddle of Brian's blood and cracks her head on a window sill. The real Jason Voorhees walks into the cabin, sees her unconscious form and carries it off.

At the rec center, Ryan and the others discuss their situation. Sasha looks out the window, but Jason appears before her. He swings his machete through the glass and cleaves Sasha's head in twain. He then pulls her body through the window out into the darkness.

Ryan, Rico and Sasha decide that they have no other choice but to fight back. They slowly step outside of the Rec center into the night. Jason appears and decapitates Ryan with one swift stroke from his machete. Rico and Alisha run in terror.

Sally meanwhile awakens inside of a cabin surrounded by the bodies of Jason's victims. She stumbles outside and picks up Jason's machete.

The Present
The sheriff continues to question Sally about the events of that tragic night. He probes her about her bi-polar condition and brings up some uncomfortable elements from Sally's past: particularly, an incident involving the death of her former boyfriend Ben Kale.


  • This issue contains explicit material and is suggested for mature readers.


  • No trivia.

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