Frieda Goren was a teenage resident of Dakota City, where she attended Ernest Hemingway High School. She was the best friend and potential love interest of Virgil Hawkins.

Frieda learned of Virgil's secret after Hotstreak tried to take her as a prize for himself. Static showed up to protect her, but was quickly defeated. After Hotstreak left, Static removed his mask, revealing himself to her. Frieda took him to her house to tend to his wounds as he told her everything about what led to the fateful night at the Big Bang. After Virgil was treated, he challenged Hotstreak to a rematch and defeated him. From then on, Freida's friendship with Virgil grew as she became his only confidant. But Freida was keeping a secret of her own. When Virgil tried to visit her to discuss his encounter with Holocaust, he discovered that she and Larry Wade, a close friend of Virgil's, were dating. Virgil got jealous and accidentally blasted Larry with some of his powers. Larry later explained to him that Frieda hid her secret because she did not want to lose him as a friend. Virgil forgave them both and things return to normal.

Though her life was never again normal due to her connection to Static, Frieda suffered a great loss when Larry was killed by his drug suppliers. At Larry's funeral, she admited that she worried about Virgil when he was out as Static. Losing Larry, combined with her need to always be perfect, caused Frieda to develop an eating disorder and become anorexic. With support from her friends and family, she soon recovered.

  • Frieda Goren was among several characters to appear in the Milestone: The Dakota Universe trading card series that debuted in 1993. Frieda appears on Card #64.
  • Frieda Goren is Jewish.



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