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Frieda Goren is a teenage resident of Dakota City, where she attended Ernest Hemingway High School. She is the best friend and potential love interest of Virgil Hawkins.

Frieda had only recently met Virgil, but it is clear that they had gotten to know each other rather quickly given their exchanges. When she is hit on by Martin Scaponi, Virgil mocks him until she walks away laughing, not being present when Virgil is assaulted afterwards.

Later, after the Big Bang, Martin, now going by Hotstreak, tried to have his gang kidnap Frieda at Akkad's Arcade, but Static intervenes and Frieda shows signs of fascination with him.

Later on, Hotstreak's gang kidnaps her right in front of her classmates and tried to take her as a prize for himself. Static showed up to protect her and though he held an advantage at first, he was quickly defeated when he dropped his guard upon realizing who he was. After Hotstreak left, Static removed his mask, revealing himself to her. Frieda took him to her house to tend to his wounds as he told her everything about what led to the fateful night at the Big Bang. After Virgil was treated, he challenged Hotstreak to a rematch and defeated him. From then on, Freida's friendship with Virgil grew as she became his only confidante. But Freida was keeping a secret of her own. When Virgil tried to visit her to discuss his encounter with Holocaust, he discovered that she and Larry Wade, a close friend of Virgil's, were dating. Virgil got jealous and accidentally blasted Larry with some of his powers. Larry later explained to him that Frieda hid her secret because she did not want to lose him as a friend. Virgil forgave them both and things return to normal.

Ironically, Frieda has played an active role in Virgil's love life, as she regularly aided him in his relationship with Daisy during most occasions where the responsibilities of his dual identity has interfered with their dates.

Though her life was never again normal due to her connection to Static, Frieda has often enjoyed the perks of being a superhero's best friend, such as being flown across town after she made him promise her such. All the while, she was suspicious about her boyfriend's unprecedented amount of money as of late in addition to his often secretive nature and occasional tendency to be evasive of her. She would then suffer a great loss when Larry was killed by his drug suppliers, being both distraught and angry that he was involved in such things. At Larry's funeral, she admitted that she worried about Virgil whenever he was out as Static, as she often sat up in the middle of the night wondering if he will survive whatever battle he is in. Since losing Larry, Frieda has become somewhat protective and controlling of her friends, as she yelled at Felix for his supposedly partaking in a drug deal to gain some extra money. Her accumulated stress concerning both her late boyfriend and friends combined with her perfectionist ways causes Frieda to develop an eating disorder and become anorexic, eventually leading her to be hospitalized. With support from her friends and family, she soon recovered.

Not long after her recovery, Frieda aided Static when he was being overcome by six of his past bang-baby enemies by convincing one of them to turn on the others. She was later used as a host for a bang-baby with the power to not only possess people, but steal the abilities of other bang-babies. Through Static's tenacity, cunning, and belief in her, Frieda regained control and forced the bang-baby out.

Sometime after Virgil is dumped by Daisy after one cancellation too many, Frieda once again helps his love life by introducing him to Madison. Despite this, between her period of recovery from anorexia and Static's retirement as a superhero (due to the death of Dusk), it is clear that Frieda's bond with Virgil has further strengthened, as she begins to exhibit deeper feelings for him. This is highlighted by her retrieving and washing his Static uniform after he had thrown it away, her playfully teasing and tickling of him to get him to admit that he enjoyed being Static, her intentionally causing him some discomfort when doing his hair, and, ironically, her tense exchanges with a jealous Madison; Frieda herself displaying jealousy earlier when she unflatteringly mumbled about how Madison is "The Old Cat-of-Nine-Tails". During a recent argument, Frieda tells her that while she is not trying to take Virgil from her, she would if she wanted to, making it clear that she has begun to reciprocate Virgil's former feelings for her.

Frieda is present at the Hawkins home for the Welcome Home party of Virgil's Uncle Teshome and again displays jealousy at seeing Virgil with Madison, thinly denying it when a friend points out that fact. Frieda is later among those present at Teshome's funeral after he suffers a heart attack and later goes to see Virgil to offer him more comfort, only for him to politely send her away so that he could focus on his latest crusade as Static.

Frieda accompanies Virgil at Akkad's Arcade, the two friends discussing 9-11. Frieda has some very strong feelings about the attack and believes America should respond in kind, also implying that Virgil could do the same. When Virgil tells her retaliation is not the answer, she seems to relent. After some young White supremacists attack the arcade and its owner, Frieda covers for Virgil to become Static and defuse the situation; also assuring him when he feels he nearly overstepped in dealing with the punks. She helps Virgil and the owner Mr. Akkad clean up afterwards.

When Black Lightning arrives in Dakota City to speak at the student graduation ceremony, Frieda takes the helm of a camera to record the event and playfully shoots Virgil a look to have him use his powers to charge her camera. When Holocaust arrives to kill Pierce, Frieda covers for Virgil as he changes into Static and is among others when she witnesses the two heroes defeat the meta criminal. Later, Frieda accompanies Virgil at the hospital to see Pierce and hopefully get a quote from him.

When Static disappears for sometime due to being abducted by the Dark Side Club, Frieda thinks him dead and is deeply concerned. When Holocaust causes a viral outbreak in Dakota, Frieda acts as a volunteer to help her fellow civilians. When Static arrives to stop a group of mercenaries from stealing vaccines, she furiously hits him, but is nonetheless overjoyed to see him alive and well. Later on, she meets Virgil's Teen Titans teammates Wonder Girl, Aquagirl, and Bombshell when the girls ask her to let them know immediately if she sees her best friend again. After the battle with Holocaust, when Static comes to see her, Frieda expresses gratitude at how he has found true friends with the Titans and encourages him to continue being a hero, her strong feelings for him being evident all throughout even if she does not verbally express them.

  • Frieda Goren was among several characters to appear in the Milestone: The Dakota Universe trading card series that debuted in 1993. Frieda appears on Card #64.
  • Though not explicitly stated, Frieda may have an interest in journalism, as she is implied to be active in the school paper and shows true professionalism when recording Jefferson Pierce.
  • Frieda Goren is Jewish.
  • Frieda at one point took dance classes.
  • Frieda knows how to ride a horse, as she attempted to teach Virgil when the latter wanted to win Daisy back.
  • Ironically, before her eating disorder, Frieda had a special diet.
  • She has an unnamed Uncle that lives in Lakeview.
  • Though Frieda's affection for Virgil began as a strong platonic friendship, her experiences with him as Static gradually causes her feelings for him to become deeper. While she never clearly admits such as a teenager, it is shown that when she grows up, she marries and begins a family with him.



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