"Secret of the Man-Ape!": This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #75.

From Beyond the Unknown #23 is an issue of the series From Beyond the Unknown (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 1973.

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Synopsis for "Secret of the Man-Ape!"

This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #75.

Aliens on a planet 100,000 light years away view Earth through a telescope and see that the planet is dominated by a gorilla civilization. They realize that what they are seeing is 100,000 years old, but they assume (incorrectly) that gorillas must still rule the world. In order to find out if they can conquer Earth, they transform one of their people into the form of a gorilla and rocket him through hyperspace to present-day Earth to act as a spy.

The alien gorilla lands in Africa where he makes two discoveries. First, he finds out that gorillas are no longer intelligent and the new dominant civilization is human. Luckily, though, he also overhears hunters say that they have been contracted to capture and deliver a gorilla to a scientist who plans to test his invention: a gorilla-to-human converter. So the alien gorilla allows himself to be captured so he can be converted to human form, which will allow him to perform his spy mission.

At the scientist's lab, he sees the scientist hide the plans for his device in three library books and then die in an accident. The books get returned to the library, so the gorilla goes to the library and checks them out. He flees with the books in a stolen car, but since he is unfamiliar with Terran cars, he gets into a terrible accident which kills him and destroys the gorilla-to-human converter.

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Synopsis for "Language-Master of Space!"

This story is reprinted from Mystery in Space #67.

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Synopsis for "World of Doomed Spacemen"

This story is reprinted from Strange Adventures #104.


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