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"The Butler": This story is reprinted from From Beyond the Unknown Giant #1.

From Beyond the Unknown #2 is a chapter in the digital-first series From Beyond the Unknown (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of July, 2020.

Synopsis for "The Butler"

This story is reprinted from From Beyond the Unknown Giant #1.

Kamandi while exploring the post-apocalyptic world, stumbles upon an exploratory vehicles with corpses of long-dead people inside. While checking them, he realizes that someone is following him after hearing a sound of something snapping. The stalkers turn out to be rat-men who try to kill him for food. During the chase they tell him to stop running or they'll give him a painful death, but Kamandi is able to escape into a mansion with the help of its robot butler.

The robot butler introduces himself and tells him that his owners have gone out on a mission to document the changing nature of the world, though he can't remember how long they have been gone for. Kamandi realizes that he has been lonely for quite a while and states he may know where his owners are, but their conversation is interrupted by the rat-men who barge into the mansion.

The butler hands him an energy weapon to deal with the rat-men, and together they are able to kill all of them. The robot however is injured in the fight after being bitten and tells Kamandi that he can't stop working before his owners return. This gives determination to the boy to bring the people he found in the vehicle earlier to the mansion using a wheelbarrow. The butler recognizes the people and celebrates their homecoming, for which Kamandi hangs around before leaving.

Appearing in "The Butler"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Robot butler


Other Characters:

  • Jonathan (Appears only as a corpse) (Single appearance)
  • OMAC (Mentioned only)



Synopsis for "Stealth Mode"

This story is reprinted from From Beyond the Unknown Giant #1.

Dawnstar informs Brainiac that she has found the planet where Wildfire and Sun Boy were taken to despite their abductors trying to hide their trail and he realizes that the planet she talked about is Hustrava, a cold planet whose people are prone to conflict and shun contact with other planets while their sun is dying. Colossal Boy suggests mounting an all-out attack, but gets rebuked by Dawnstar who states that it'll endanger their kidnapped teammates. Colossal Boy relents but states a solo mission won't work either, though Brainiac tells him he has another plan.

Meanwhile on Hustrava, Lord Kr'aine is informed about the arrival of the Legion of Super-Heroes near their planet and Pl'ohn blames it on them kidnapping their two teammates. Kr'aine tells him to accompany him and states he should stop creating unease among people since they did what was necessary for their race. Pl'ohn gets shown the chamber where Wildfire and Sun Boy are being kept in order to suck their energy for the survival of Hustravans, before Kr'aine orders destroying the Legion Cruiser.

Unknown to the Hustravans, Brainiac deliberately came near their planet to create a distraction and allow Dawnstar to sneak in. The guards of the Hustravan citadel where Wildfire ands Sun Boy are imprisoned, spot her approaching them and attack her with their cannons, using only low-level fire since they assume that she came in alone. As the cannon attacks fail, the soldiers go to confront her themselves, but find that she's also brought other teammates who made themselves invisible or shrunk themselves.

As Dawnstar and Invisible Kid deal with the soldiers outside, Shrinking Violet and Phantom Girl infiltrate the citadel's interior alongside Chameleon Boy. Kr'aine and Pl'ohn plead with them to not free Wildfire and Sun Boy, who ask the others to listen to what the Hustravans have to say. After the Legion learns that they abducted their team members to power their world, Sun Boy and Wildfire transfer some of their heat to the Hustravans' heat processors in order to keep their city warm for a while.

Pl'ohn tells the Legion that most Hustravans rejected asking help out of pride and didn't trust the Legion will agree to help them. Brainiac tells them that they'll be supplied with augmented solar collectors to help them for a while, but they should join the United Planets for a better solution. Pl'ohn states that many from his race wanted to join, but ultimately rejected it due to them being inclined to shunning contact with others and being prideful. He states however that the Legion's actions might change their mind now.

Appearing in "Stealth Mode"

Featured Characters:

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  • Hustravans (Single appearance)
    • Lord Kr'aine (Single appearance)
    • Pl'ohn (Single appearance)

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