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After being hit by Mirror Monarch, Caitlin Snow's alternate personality, Frost, was separated from Caitlin.

Originally known as Khione[1], Caitlin Snow's alternate personality was born as the result of her father's researches on a ALS cure; after being suppressed for most of Caitlin's life, she emerged after the scientist was severely wounded by Abra Kadabra[2]

She became a supervillain, known as Killer Frost, helping the so-called God of Speed, Savitar. After redeeming herself, she acted as a hero and a member of the Team Flash, possessing Caitlin Snow whenever her powers were needed and, eventually, living her own life.

During Mirror Monarch's uprising, Frost was hit by the supervillain's abilities[3] A week later, Caitlin began suffering from headaches which caused her great pain: after the attack of Fuerza, Caitlin and her alternate personality separated from one another so that Frost now inhabitated her own body.[4]

The two dopplegangers asked Cisco Ramon scientific explanations about their separation but he was left shocked[4] as well as the other members of Team Flash: Caitlin discovered that the mirror blast induced Frost's cells to replicate themselves enough to create a living body body, severing their telepathic connection so that they could not hear each other thoughts anymore.

She caught Cisco trying to alter the Firestorm Matrix to make it able to fuse her with Caitlin once again; however, Frost decided to destroy the artifact as she wanted to live her own life, upsetting Caitlin. Frost, along with the Flash and Cisco, confronted the metahuman Psych: he made Frost hallucinate herself handcuffed and Joe West warning her that someone turned her for her previous crimes.[5]

One day later, after Deon Owens used his Still Force powers to imprison Central City in a time bubble, Frost was turned into a 1960s woman: eventually, after Cisco and Chester Runk were able to stop him, Frost was restored to his original appearance. She met Joe West who told her that Kristen Kramer was trying to arrest her for her actions as Killer Frost: despite Joe's warnings, Frost was unimpressed and replied she was waiting for her.[6]



  • Khione, in Greek mythology, was the daugher of Boreas, the god of the north wind.



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