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Fun Haus appeared on Christmas Eve in Coast City when he first attacked by using toy UFOs based on ones used in a film called "Holiday For Neptunians". With the remaining toys destroyed by Batman and Red Tornado, the caped crusader deduced it to be Fun Haus as the culprit due to his label being on one of the toys. Fun Haus confronts the two, but chucks a doll with a bomb inside before leaving.

After, Fun Haus sent out robotic Santas to wreck havoc amongst the populace and were foiled once again by Batman and Red Tornado. Before Christmas Morning, Fun Haus sets the two heroes on a wild goose chase to find a bomb in the city. In reality however, he was merely prepping for his final scheme which was to activate his Play Pal action figures and swipe valuables from any homes they inhabited. Batman realized that Fun Haus was the manufacturer of the toys and therefore he and Red Tornado went to stop him. Confronting him, Fun Haus turned his products into a large Play Pal robot and battled the two heroes, but was thwarted by Red Tornado who pushed his powers to the absolute limit. With his plan thwarted and his toys destroyed, Fun Haus was apprehended and sent to prison.


  • He seems to be based on Jack Nimball, better known as the second Toyman, judging from his costume and toy-themed crimes.
  • Fun Haus has a doll similar to Baby-Doll.



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