Futura is a robot created by the mad scientist Lutor

Lutor cast it in the form of a woman, based on his past wound and former love interest Marta - in which the scientist on melancholic occasion have even called her Marta. When a worker's revolution threaten Metropolis, Lutor captured their leader Lane and used her as a template for Futura, who will be disguised as Lois and leading the workers to their doom by unleashing molten metal unto the lower residents beneath the city. However, this was intervened by Super-Man which Futura failed to try to sway him to join her to crush humanity. Both she and Super-Man engaged in battle in which she her guise as Lois to demoralize him. Ultimately, Futura was defeated after being thrown by Super-Man into a tank of molten metal.

  • Futura is based on the Maria-robot from Fritz Lang's silent film Metropolis, and the character Mekanique who in turn is based on the aforementioned film character.



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