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"Catwoman: The Great Train Robbery": Alleytown, Gotham. Several years from now...

Quote1.png We don't need to get off the train at all. Not if we steal it. Quote2.png

Future State: Catwoman #1 is an issue of the series Future State: Catwoman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2021. It was published on January 19, 2021.

Synopsis for "Catwoman: The Great Train Robbery"

Alleytown, Gotham. Several years from now...

Several of Gotham citizens, mostly people without home and living on the streets, are gathered and transported by train to Whiteport Reformatory, a structure of the Magistrate where citizens are "re-educated" to become better contributors to the city life. A member of the Magistrate is telling to Ms. Canorus, a girl acting as reporter for Peacekeeper-01, about how the Reformatory works. Selina Kyle is on the outside, watching. She sends out a sign, to localize the members of the strays of Gotham, who will resist the fascist rule of the Magistrate. After a brief skirmish with one of the protesters, the strays are all loaded on the train.

Selina is preparing with her team: with Leo, she is calibrating her EMP suit to be able to deactivate the energy on the train when needed. With Cheshire Cat, she's handling the key factor to all the thefts: synchronizing time. She wants to get on a train full of Magistrate guards to save all that people, even if it seems an impossible mission, but she has people on the inside. Inside the train, two kids just pinched a pass to open the train's doors from a guard, and then caused a distraction to let Selina in: she's inside, and reveals to her boys she does not plan to make them get out of the train. She is a thief, and plans to steal the train itself.

Also, there are several prisoners with the ability to create quite a ruckus in the train: they will surely help given the situation. Selina finds one of these prisoners: the killer known as Onomatopoeia. She will free him, he will take out all the guards together with her, then he'll get away, no questions asked or answered. He signs his agreement. Once free, Selina and his new ally start putting out some guards. The director of the train is notified of the problems, and asks more protection on specific parts of the train, where "high-potential" prisoners are held. Ms. Canorus seems quite interested in that parts of the vehicle, and asks the director to let her see them: some guards escort her there.

Once Ms. Canorus is inside one of the high-alert wagons, she kills the guard and reveals her true identity: Talia al Ghul. And the high-potential prisoner they are holding in the wagon is...Bruce Wayne?

Appearing in "Catwoman: The Great Train Robbery"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Billy (First appearance)
  • Ms. Canorus (Talia al Ghul) (First appearance)
  • Cheshire Cat (First appearance)
  • Leo (First appearance)
  • Onomatopoeia (First appearance)
  • Skidmark (First appearance)


  • Magistrate
    • Lt. Willis (Single appearance)

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