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"Future State, Part 1": The old Hall of Justice, former headquarters of the Justice League

Quote1.png For too long we underestimated these new heroes. Called them "not our Justice League." But that was our mistake. They are the Justice League. Quote2.png
T.O. Morrow

Future State: Justice League #1 is an issue of the series Future State: Justice League (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2021. It was published on January 12, 2021.

Synopsis for "Future State, Part 1"

The old Hall of Justice, former headquarters of the Justice League

The new Justice League is investigating inside the Hall of Justice, where it seems the entire Legion of Doom was murdered. Who could have done this? After all, they were a powerful group of villains. Batman suspects that the Legion's leaders, Ivo and T.O. Morrow, messed into something they really should have left unstirred. After the Flash searched for survivors, some of the members explained why the original League abandoned the Hall, leaving it like a ghost. It seems that back in the day, the team got incredibly big, and one member used the secrets of the League to hurt it, causing incredible damage. For that, they left the Hall of Justice, not destroying it so that it might serve as a moniker and as memory of the fallen heroes, and founded the Justice League Charter, with all the new rules, especially about the mandatory secret identity and the imperative to not share personal time with the other members.

As they get out, Green Lantern tells them she will investigate and talk with the police, and that they can leave. Jon tries to break protocol: he would like to have a team meeting, to make new heroes join the team, to bond. But as he talks, everyone already disappeared, everyone but Yara. Superman and Wonder Woman already know each other personally, and Jon thinks it would be better if it was like the old days, with the Leaguers reaching out, becoming friends and not just colleagues. He doesn't even know Batman and Flash's true names. But Yara tells him it must stay this way: the important thing is not them reaching out, but people being safe.

Yara knows Jon would like to be in a team similar to the League of his father, because of the happy past life he lived, but he must endure, because the way they are doing things works. As Yara leaves, Jon understands her words, but still feels a void: he knows all of this is for the people, but what about themselves? What if being closer would improve their lives as well, while keeping the world a safe place? But after all, if the others are good with this, he will stop pushing for the past. Meanwhile, Jo guesses that the Legion was blindsided by a force coming from inside the Hall of Justice, and tries to track down any trace that might lead to it: the ring detects a few traces of a mysterious toxin in the air.

Meanwhile, in Amnesty Bay, the house of the Curry family

Andy is talking with her parents, who right now are in a council in Atlantis, informing them about what happened with the Legion of Doom. They tell Andy that if she needs anything from them, she must call them. As she hangs down, the Flash, Jess Chambers, comes in and hangs out with her: they are friends after all, even if the rules are against it. It's an old rule made by the old team: Jess thinks it should be cancelled. As they talk, Superman and Wonder Woman call for them from the outside, another thing against the rules. Then, they make Jess disappear, and Andy goes berserk, and hits Jon. Under his skin though, there's some kind of metallic material.

One by one, all the League members get transported by clones of themselves. Then, they reveal their true identity: they are the Hyperclan. T.O. Morrow discovered their existence, and wanted them to impersonate the Justice League so that they might destroy their public reputation. But no one controls the Clan: they came her the first time to rule, but they made a mistake, trying to rule with their true forms. No one likes the new. They want something familiar to deal with, and so they will give it to them, becoming the new Justice League...

Appearing in "Future State, Part 1"

Featured Characters:


  • Hyperclan (First appearance)
    • A-Mortal (First appearance)
    • Armek (First appearance)
    • Fluxus (First appearance)
    • Primaid (First appearance)
    • Protex (First appearance)
    • Tronix (First appearance)
    • Zenturion (First appearance)
    • ZüM (First appearance)
  • Legion of Doom (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "Future State: Justice League Dark, Prophéties: Part 1"

The Mojave Desert. A not-so-distant future...

Zatanna and Bobo are reaching the site of the murder of several magicians: after Merlin came back, putting the world under his spell, all magic was taken by him, and he started his Witch Hunt, killing any being associated with magic. Bobo wants to find a way to fight back, maybe reassemble the Justice League Dark, but Zatanna debunks his desires: they were betrayed and defeated, even the Tower of Fate falling, with Khalid disappearing, trying to fix the broken Helmet of Fate. What they can do now is survive, and stay safe as long as they can.

In the site, Bobo starts his investigation: several magicians were brought there, and they were burned. Merlin's Hunters all stood watching the same thing, so they were probably led by a Knight. Also, their prisoners were burned one at a time, and the others had to watch: it was a torture, and it explains why the Knight's presence was necessary. They searched for information. As they watch the burned corpses of the victims, they find the corpse of Zauriel, burned even if he was an angel. How could it be possible? Zatanna tells Bobo that he must let his other side come out, to see this. And Bobo, even if he hates when he has to let him out, knows Zee is right.

Chanting the formula Gone! Gone! The simian...rise the Demon, Etrigan!, the rhyming demon appears. Zee shows him what happened to Zauriel, and then tells him this wouldn't be true if not for his betrayal. Wasn't his role to stop all this? Etrigan tells Zee she cannot understand why he refused to fight Merlin, but he suffers for what happened. On Zauriel, they find an amulet and from it they understand someone is trying to fight against the forces of Merlin: they track down the place where this amulet was from, and end up in an old store, finding Rory Regan there.

Rory tells them that a while ago, some inexperienced conjurers and magician came to him, asking for something that could protect them from the Hunters. Soon though, others joined, big names, and among them were both Zauriel and John Constantine. The Hellblazer was part of a bigger project to fight back, but he refused to reveal details to Rory, because it would put him in danger. Still, he knows enough things to understand what they planned: they are preparing for a big cloaking spell, somewhere nearby. Rory might even know where.

But then, Etrigan tells them the Hunters are approaching, and they come at the door, asking for Rory to come out. Zee and Rory tell Etrigan that with him, they still have a chance at escaping. But Etrigan tells them he made a pact, and for that pact he cannot side against the forces of Merlin. He won't tell any other detail about it. Still, Etrigan tells Rory there's still a way they can get away with: he has to put back the Ragman suit. Rory does not want to do it: the suit has a life of its own, and the souls it craves as nourishment ended a while ago. Without them, Rory cannot hope to control the suit, as it will start to hunt souls to feed. Luckily, Etrigan has some sinner's soul to spend, he's still a duke of hell after all.

As he gives the souls to the suit, allowing Rory to use it as Ragman again, he disappears, telling his comrades to not summon him again, and so Bobo comes back. With Ragman's power, and Bobo's Nightsword opening a portal, Zee and her comrades get away, trying to reach the place where Rory hypothesized the rebel mages might be casting the cloaking spell.

Cardboard Town

Zatanna, Bobo and Rory reached the place where Constantine and the others should be, but they see nothing. Then, Constantine appears: it seems the cloaking spell works pretty good. John informs them that him, and several others, were contacted through cards by Madame Xanadu, who organized this community where several people hunted down by Merlin are now hiding. The plan was all put together to protect a mysterious old man, who Xanadu's cards keep telling her will be important, and has to remain alive. She keeps turning the same tarots, each time...then one tarot changes, just when Zee, Bobo and Rory step inside.

It's the Demon and, while they all try to interpret what it could mean, Bobo already knows: he will have to make Etrigan come out once again. And then, Etrigan meets this old man, and only him, as a demon, is able to see that a particular glamour spell was cast on him. A spell that can be broken with hellfire. So, Etrigan cancels the spell and in place of the old man, Khalid Nassour, Doctor Fate, appears. He reveals them he had to cloak himself in another identity, to keep Merlin away from him and the Helmet. Now he is free, and he waited for all of them to be gathered in the same place, to talk about why Etrigan could not fight the forces of Merlin, and to also reveal the truth about Jason Blood. But still, with him and the Helmet active again, Merlin must have perceived them and now will send forces against everyone. They must move quickly, for a better future...

Appearing in "Future State: Justice League Dark, Prophéties: Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Merlin (First appearance)
    • Blood Knight (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Enchantress (June Moone) (First appearance; unnamed)
    • Merlin's hunters (Flashback and main story) (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Elevens (Single appearance)
  • Zauriel (Flashback and main story) (First appearance; dies)
  • Angels (Mentioned only)
  • Baphomet (Mentioned only)
  • Demons (Mentioned only)
  • Dionysius (Mentioned only)
  • Gerry Regan (Mentioned only)
  • Hamask (Mentioned only)
  • Nostredamus (Mentioned only)
  • Svari (Mentioned only)
  • Tiburtine Sibyl (Mentioned only)




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