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"Robin Eternal, Part One": Gotham City, under control of the Magistrate

Quote1.png They need me. Gotham needs me. But can I take on the Magistrate without them? Quote2.png
Robin (Tim Drake)

Future State: Robin Eternal #1 is an issue of the series Future State: Robin Eternal (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2021. It was published on January 12, 2021.

Synopsis for "Robin Eternal, Part One"

Gotham City, under control of the Magistrate

The Magistrate is making its move to destroy all the remaining vigilante life in Gotham, and dethrone once and for all the Batman Family as the rulers of Gotham: they decided to install cybernetic implants on their soldiers. Tim Drake is Robin, one of the few Family members still fighting, but things are going really bad, and the new tech used by the enemy does not help. Bruce Wayne, the Batman, was killed by the Magistrate. Dick Grayson, the first Robin, is in Arkham, delirious. Jason Todd, the second Robin, betrayed them, siding with the killers of his mentor. And Damian...

Well, he's the only Robin remaining, and he will do anything to stop the Magistrate from winning. But then, the cyber-soldier he's facing almost kills him, resisting to an EMP grenade Tim threw. Luckily, Spoiler rescued him, saving him and putting down the enemy: Stephanie Brown is back, even if after the death of Bruce, she retired from her superhero career. Tim explains her that a cargo, carrying a substance that would make the cyborgs nearly invincible, was coming to the city. He wanted to see at what level the cyborgs were while utilizing a prototype of this substance, and given he almost died, stopping the cargo from reaching Gotham is a must.

But Stephanie does not want to help: she never returned to see the people she loves die. As she goes away, Tim thinks he may be able to convince someone else to help him in his quest: Darcy, a former We Are Robin member, now working for Gotham Customs Agency. She is deaf, and has an implant to hear: they decide to turn it down, as maybe the Magistrate can intercept what Tim would say. They talk with signs, and they talk about the substance that could change Gotham's destiny, for worse: the Lazarus Resin, created by the League of Assassins and able to make cybers immortal.

Tim must stop them, and wants Darcy to help him. The girl already gave him information that could lead to her being killed, so she is not sure if she can do more. But in the end, she cannot leave Tim alone, and accepts to help him: they will destroy the cargo. As they reach the place, Spoiler is also there: she could not resist the impulse to help him. Once inside the warehouse of the Magistrate, they find out the enemy was able to predict their plan using Darcy's implant after all, and so they had to fight off a little army of soldiers, a thing they did. Soon though, one of the cybers with the Lazarus Resin inside attacks Tim, and breaks his neck. But as he fell, he was bathed with the Resin as well, getting back up and running, a new version of himself.

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